Nine Reciprocities

Nine Reciprocities explores the ways in which forms of dense, urban living can be adapted and redirected towards collective futures and ecologically equitable structures for the future. Nine Reciprocities proposes an architectural, financial, environmental, low-carbon, and social recipe for Block 162, a mixed-use group of existing buildings in New York City’s Chinatown. By maximizing the block’s Floor Area Ratio (FAR), the community of workers, retirees, experts, and visitors inhabiting the block can expand their space in a cross-laminated timber “overbuild”, utilizing existing foundations and footings to create new social spaces, workshops, daycare, parkland, and home offices.

Construction and demolition material is recycled within the block as partitions are removed, finishes replaced, and overbuilds expanded: a system of trombe-wall gardens grows over time, making oxygen, and sequestering carbon. Collective self-government, Tenant-in-Common financing, and sweat equity systems coordinate labor, services, and ownership. A system of trade apprenticeship builds knowledge within the block, without bias toward digital or physical work, transferring expertise through generations.

New York City, New York

Press: Urban Omnibus, Urban Design Forum

In collaboration with Lindsey Wikstrom

Drawing Agency LLC is a design and research practice based in New York City founded by Galen Pardee (Assoc. AIA), with projects in New York, California, and Colorado. Drawing Agency’s work has been published widely and exhibited in the United States and abroad, including the Chicago Architecture Biennal and the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Director Galen Pardee teaches at Columbia University GSAPP; he was the 2019-2021 LeFevre Emerging Practitioner Fellow at The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture, and has taught architecture and landscape architecture studios at Barnard University, Sarah Lawrence College, and the University of Tennessee. Galen holds a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University GSAPP where he received the Alpha Rho Chi Medal, and a BA in Politics cum laude from Brandeis University.


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